US Most Inspiring Travel Influencers You Should Follow in 2024



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US Most Inspiring Travel Influencers You Should Follow in 2024

Dreaming of exotic escapes or epic adventures? In the age of social media, travel inspiration is just a click away. But with countless travel influencers vying for your attention, it can be overwhelming to know who to follow. This curated list highlights some of the most inspiring US travel influencers in 2024, offering a diverse range of travel styles and destinations to ignite your wanderlust.

Adventure Seekers:

  • Eric Stoen (@travelbabbo): For adrenaline junkies, Eric Stoen is your guy. His breathtaking photos and videos capture the thrill of rock climbing, kayaking, and exploring hidden corners of the globe.
  • Renee Hahnel (@reneeroaming): An advocate for solo female travel, Renee Hahnel inspires confidence and wanderlust with her captivating stories and stunning mountain photography.

Budget-Conscious Backpackers:

  • The Blonde Abroad (@theblondeabroad): Kiersten Rich, better known as The Blonde Abroad, is a veteran travel blogger who proves globetrotting doesn’t have to break the bank. Her relatable tips and budget hacks empower you to see the world on a shoestring.
  • Expert Vagabond (@expertvagabond): Looking for in-depth travel guides and practical advice? Expert Vagabond, the brainchild of Matt Karsten, offers detailed budget breakdowns, destination reviews, and helpful resources for budget-savvy travelers.

Family Travel Enthusiasts:

  • The Bucket List Family (@bucketlistfamily): The Garrett family, with their four adorable kids, showcases the joys and challenges of family travel. Their heartwarming stories and practical tips for traveling with children inspire families to create lasting memories together.
  • Jack Morris (@jackmorris): Traveling with a baby? Jack Morris proves it’s possible (and rewarding) with his lighthearted and informative content. His adventures with his son Noah showcase stunning destinations and offer practical advice for new parents.

Foodies on the Move:

  • Mark Wiens (@migrationology): Mark Wiens is a food adventurer on a mission to explore the world one delicious dish at a time. His mouthwatering videos and in-depth reviews will have you planning your next trip around the local cuisine.
  • Jodi Ettenberg (@jewhungry): Jodi Ettenberg focuses on cultural immersion through food. Her blog and social media channels explore the unique culinary experiences found in cities around the globe.

Luxury Travel Connoisseurs:

  • Landry I Travel & Lifestyle (@landryhaslanded): For those who appreciate the finer things in life, Landry I curates luxurious travel experiences. Her stunning visuals and expert advice will inspire you to indulge in a touch of opulence on your next getaway.
  • Elina • Travel Creator (@elinaways): Elina focuses on capturing the essence of luxury travel through her captivating photography. From breathtaking landscapes to stunning hotels, her feed will inspire you to seek out unique and unforgettable travel experiences.

This is just a taste of the incredible travel influencers the US has to offer. By following these inspiring individuals, you’ll discover new destinations, uncover hidden gems, and gain valuable travel tips. So, pack your bags virtually, get ready to explore the world through their eyes, and find the inspiration to plan your next unforgettable adventure!


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