Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number: Busting the Barrier Myth in Entrepreneurship



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Forget the Silicon Valley stereotype! The truth is, age isn’t a barrier to entrepreneurial success. While younger folks bring energy and tech-savviness, older entrepreneurs boast experience, networks, and financial resources.


  • Average age of successful US entrepreneurs: 42 (Kauffman Foundation)
  • Distribution: 29% under 30, 23% between 30-39 (Inc. Magazine)


  • Colonel Sanders: Launched KFC at 65!
  • Ray Kroc: Bought McDonald’s at 52, built an empire.
  • Vera Wang: Fashion icon, started her line at 40.

Key Takeaways:

  • Passion, perseverance, and a strong idea trump age.
  • Embrace your unique strengths, regardless of age.
  • Age diversity strengthens the entrepreneurial field.

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Remember: Building a successful startup takes more than just age. Focus on developing your idea, building a strong team, and leveraging your unique strengths. Age is just one piece of the puzzle.

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