Top 5 Inspired CEOs in New Zealand to Watch in 2024



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Top 5 Inspired CEOs in New Zealand to Watch in 2024

New Zealand’s business landscape is brimming with innovation and leadership excellence. At the helm of these thriving companies are visionary CEOs who are not only shaping industries but also inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Let’s delve into the stories of five such CEOs who are making a significant mark in 2024:

  1. Michelle Dickinson (52), CEO of Greenstreak

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Michelle Dickinson is the powerhouse leading the way in sustainable packaging solutions with her company, Greenstreak. Founded in 2012, Greenstreak develops and manufactures eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic packaging, using materials like plant-based biopolymers and recycled paper. Dickinson’s expertise lies in material science and sustainable business practices. Under her leadership, Greenstreak has secured partnerships with major food and beverage companies in New Zealand and is rapidly expanding into the Australian market. Her commitment to environmental responsibility and her unwavering focus on innovation make Michelle Dickinson a true inspiration.

  1. Dr. Hohepa Rau (48), Co-founder and CEO of Aukaha

Search Terms: Maori health, digital healthcare solutions, New Zealand technology

Dr. Hohepa Rau, a renowned physician and entrepreneur, is co-founding CEO of Aukaha, a revolutionary digital healthcare platform specifically designed to address the unique needs of Maori communities. A champion for health equity, Dr. Rau leverages his medical expertise and deep understanding of Maori cultural practices to create accessible and culturally appropriate healthcare solutions. Aukaha’s platform provides telehealth consultations, culturally sensitive educational resources, and promotes preventative healthcare initiatives. Dr. Hohepa Rau’s dedication to improving health outcomes for Maori people, coupled with his innovative approach to digital health, makes him a leader worth watching.

  1. Victoria Carter (35), CEO of māhia AI

Search Terms: artificial intelligence, AgTech, New Zealand startups

Victoria Carter, a young entrepreneur with a background in computer science and agriculture, is the CEO of māhia AI, a fast-growing AgTech startup. māhia AI utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize farm management practices. Their solutions help farmers improve crop yields, reduce resource consumption, and make data-driven decisions. Carter’s vision for the future of agriculture, combined with her expertise in AI technology, has positioned māhia AI as a leader in the AgTech space. Victoria Carter’s innovative spirit and her focus on sustainable agriculture make her an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. Ben Aki (42), CEO of Xero Shoes

Search Terms: sustainable footwear, ethical manufacturing, New Zealand outdoor apparel

Ben Aki is the CEO of Xero Shoes, a company dedicated to creating comfortable, minimalist footwear that promotes a natural barefoot experience. Aki, a passionate advocate for ethical manufacturing, ensures that Xero Shoes are produced in factories with fair labor practices and minimal environmental impact. Xero Shoes’ commitment to sustainability and prioritizing quality over excessive materials resonates with a growing segment of environmentally conscious consumers. Ben Aki’s dedication to ethical practices and his innovative approach to footwear design make him a leader to emulate.

  1. Dr. Annette Lee (58), CEO of Bio-Tech Pharma

Search Terms: biopharmaceutical research, New Zealand healthcare, life sciences

Dr. Annette Lee, a highly respected scientist with extensive experience in biopharmaceutical research, leads Bio-Tech Pharma, a company at the forefront of developing life-saving medications. Under Dr. Lee’s leadership, Bio-Tech Pharma has made significant advancements in cancer treatment and is currently conducting clinical trials for a groundbreaking new Alzheimer’s drug. Dr. Lee’s unwavering commitment to scientific research and her dedication to improving human health make her a true inspiration in the field of medicine.

These five CEOs represent just a glimpse of the exceptional leadership talent driving New Zealand’s business landscape forward. Their dedication to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility paves the way for a brighter future. As we move through 2024, keep an eye on these inspiring leaders and the remarkable companies they lead.

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