12 Unique Business Ideas For Students to stand out 2024



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12 Unique Business Ideas For Students to stand out 2024

After stepping into high school or college, students get enough free time to engage in different tasks. Becoming a student entrepreneur will surely be a good option for using their creativity and earning a few bucks. Today, students can access the internet easily and search for the best ideas for their own businesses. Here are 12 unique business ideas for students to gain good profit without investing much. 

Sell of handcraft items

If you are passionate about making handcrafted items, selling them and making a few pennies will be a good option. At present, many e-commerce stores are available online, and you can sell your products all over the world. Besides, you can also reach your local market, where you can sell your handmade items at a profit. Selling handmade products can be good business ideas from home for college or high school students. 

Become a Tutor

Once you finish your academic year, you can think of sharing your knowledge with your junior by becoming a teacher. You can quickly start your teaching classes at home, and it requires hardly any investment. Nowadays, becoming an online tutor is also among the top startup ideas for students. 

Freelance content writer

If you have a passion for writing and you love to share your thoughts, becoming a freelance content writer can be an excellent option to earn some good income. Today, content writing is in massive demand in the market, and many companies are interested in hiring freelance content writers. Students searching for low cost business ideas, can become freelance content writers and earn a nice income. 

Selling old books

Once you step into the new academic year, you will start buying new books. But what about the old books piled on your desk? Here is an excellent opportunity to earn some money by selling these old books. This will help other students buy books at a low price, and you will also earn a good income. 

Website flipping

Many students have great technical knowledge in website development, and they website flipping is a good business ideas for them. There are many websites which are available at a low price. You can buy them, make some development to these sites and sell them at a high price. 

Re-selling of sneakers

Re-selling old sneakers is another excellent small business ideas that can help students to gain good profit. You can buy old sneakers at a low price and sell them at a higher price. But, before students start the reselling business, they need to understand the market. 

Social media management

At present, social media management is a vital tool for brand promotion. Students can contribute their time with leading companies by managing their social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, etc. This can be a good idea to start a startup digitally. 

Selling print-on-demand

It can be a good business opportunity for students to start a business on a low budget. Students can do this business online and can share their creativity. They can also earn good income for sharing their talents. 

Vlog creation

Today Youtube offers immense earning opportunity for those who loves creativity. Vlogging has become extremely popular in recent time and students can use this business plan to earn a good income.  

Temporary pop-up shops

If you have talent in growing vegetables and fruits, you can sell them in your local market. You can have your temporary pop-up shops and sell the vegetables to earn a good profit. Besides vegetables, you can also sell your handicraft items in these shops. 

App development

Students with excellent knowledge in technical fields like app development they can opt for one of the new business ideas. Technically advanced students can create apps to add new ideas to life. 


Dropshipping is a profitable business in recent times and students can surely opt for this one of the most small biz ideas. Aspirants who are interested in e-commerce can opt for this business for handling inventory. 

12 unique business ideas for students- summary


Business name

Main Activity

Sell of handcraft items

Sell of handfraft items online or in the local market


Online or offline learning classes

Freelance content writer

Writing contents online for other companies

Sell of old books

Sell of old books online or offline

Website flipping

Buying old websites and sell them at a high price after adding some development 

Reselling of sneakers

Sell old sneakers online

Social media Management

Manage Social media contents of leading businesses 

Selling print-on-demand

Selling custom products

Vlog creation

Creating Youtube vlogs

Temporary pop-up stores

Temporary pop-up stores for selling vegetables, fruits etc

App development

Developing new apps for leading companies

dropshipping business ideas

E-commerce inventory handling


Students have talents in different areas and they can use their talents in developing businesses for earning good income. The above are 12 unique business ideas that students can opt for once they step into their colleges or high schools. 


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